Food & Other Items Needed


Ongoing items are needed to help us give the same gifts to each Hope2Africa youth. We need 25 of every item. Only New Items Please.

We provide monthly food parcels for each Hope2Africa youth and their families. We also provide a weekly meal for the youth during their rehearsal times.


  • $600  – this will purchase a two-week supply of groceries for each family
  • Plastic or insulated coffee mugs (heavy duty, reusable)
  • Plastic iced tea type cups (heavy duty, reusable)


  • Funds for shoes  ($20 per pair)
  • $600.00 to purchase pants, shorts and skirts for all 22 youth
  • socks – athletic socks for men and women, dress socks for men, black or navy tights for women (sm and med only)


  • Toothbrushes
  • Bath Towels


  • Sewing needles
  • Thread – new – various colors
  • Assorted buttons, trims and ribbons
  • Fabric – assorted
  • Fabric scissors