Hope2Africa, Inc. is a registered US non-profit organization that trains African youth living in Squatter Camps in using the Creative Arts to give the story of Hope through Jesus to their own people, in their own languages. We use arts day camps, leadership retreats, weekly Bible studies and rehearsals, and multiple trips throughout the year to invest in the lives of our youth.


For centuries treasure hunters have been scavenging the land of Africa in search of hidden gems. Digging deep and searching tirelessly to cash in on the riches hidden deep within Africa’s soil. Well, in visiting Africa it is easy to see that the greatest treasures of Africa are its people.

Hope2Africa is about polishing the Creative Arts Skills of African youth so that through encouragement and empowerment they will see God’s amazing beauty will shine out through their lives.


Along with our partners, we can all bring hope and a future to these amazing H2A youth.

First Baptist Church Woodstock – www.fbcw.org

Midtown Bridge Church – www.themidtownbridge.com

Genesis Ministries – www.genesishope.co.za

Norwegian Settler’s Church – www.nsc.za.org

Coffman Cove Baptist Church – Coffman Cove, Alaska

What We Do

Hope2Africa trains African Christian youth in the Creative Arts for them to be equipped in sharing the Hope of Jesus with their own communities. We use weekly meetings, one-week day-camps and weekend workshops to train. Hope2Africa members are recommended by their church and school leaders based upon their desire to train in the arts and the personal character they demonstrate.

The youth are trained in the following art forms: Drama, Dance, Singing, Rapping, Sewing, Creative Writing/Script Writing, Painting & Set Design/Construction. The youth help write, construct and then perform within their own communities first and then in neighboring townships. Hope2Africa youth are trained to use the materials available in their everyday surroundings thus encouraging them to see everything as usable and not to feel limited by any lack of resources. Each member of Hope2Africa member receives a full scholarship by supporters of Hope2Africa Inc.

We also focus heavily on leadership and life-skills development. We teach budgeting, computer skills, and job preparation. Our goal is to graduate devoted followers of Jesus who are equipped to enter any field and succeed.


The Hope2Africa Board of Directors works together to practically oversee and administrate the ministry and funding of Hope2Africa. BECKY HARRIS: President & Founder, KAREN KLEINSCHMIDT: Vice-President, LINDSEY FOX: Treasurer, BRIAN DANIEL, TODD TRAINER, ALAN HEDGEMAN, TONYA HEDGEMAN, LAURA BARRON.

Our Members in Africa

Thulani Mabija, Mkholombe Director

Thulani Mabija is one of the Directors of Hope2Africa Mkholombe. He lives in the Mkholombe Township. He is from the Xhosa tribe but lives amongst Zulus and speaks both languages. He is an amazing leader who loves people and serves his community with joy. He is a graduate of the local college. He leads the weekly Bible studies for the youth. He volunteers by helping run sound for our partner church, Norwegian Settlers Church. He is studying Bible at the Tree of Life College.

Vuyo Vatsha, Mkholombe Director

Vuyo Vatsha is one of the Directors of Hope2Africa Mkholombe. He lives in the Mkholombe Township. He is from the Xhosa tribe but lives amongst Zulus and speaks both languages. He loves music and has a fantastic sense of humor. He plays bass in worship bands for our partner church, Norwegian Settlers Church. He is studying Bible at the Tree of Life College.

Bongi Shozi, Compassion Ambassador

Bongi Shozi is the Compassion Ambassador for Hope2Africa. He lives in the Boboyi Township. He is from the Zulu tribe. He is an original member of the Mkholombe youth team and has since graduated from a local college. He has demonstrated over the years a service lifestyle as he quietly helps meet the needs of those around him. He loves his granny and is excited for the opportunity to continue serving others in his community. He is studying Bible at the Tree of Life College.

Jordan Theron, Mentor Leader

Jordan is the Mentor Leader over the Hope2Africa African staff. He is on staff at our partner church, Norwegian Settlers and has a tremendous heart for ministry and discipleship. He loves fishing and diving, and can make an excellent braai (that’s barbecue for our American friends). He has an amazing wife, Helen, who works at the Genesis Care Centre Clinic.


What We Provide

ALL of the funds donated to Hope2Africa goes to meet the needs of the H2A youth and pay the stipends of our African staff. No one in the U.S. receives a salary from donated funds.

Educational Funds

Every Hope2Africa youth member receives a full scholarship to the year’s activities. COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY FUND: To offset the additional requirements of

Funds for Bibles & Emergency Fund

Lead your ministry in such a way that the greatest work happens after you leave…. FUNDS NEEDED FOR BIBLES: for

Food & Other Items Needed

Ongoing items are needed to help us give the same gifts to each Hope2Africa youth. We need 25 of every

Make a Donation

Our monthly goal to support all the needs for Hope2Africa is $4,000.  Help us reach that goal by making a donation in any amount. For non-monetary donations, please contact us. Donations are secured through Accept Pay by Pay Simple.

Educational Fund
  • Educational fund
  • School supplies
  • Art supplies
  • Computers
Bibles & Emergency Fund
  • Bibles
  • Emergency Fund
  • Most Needed Areas
Food & Necessities Fund
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Sewing Supplies


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